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Once we are asked by close friends and family the way can they keep their computer clean, the one tool we always recommend is piriform CCleaner. CCleaner is different from antivirus tools as it designed to keep your computer clean - consider Jacques out of finding Nemo!


CCleaner will search via your PC and clearing all of the files that have already been created when you surf the net or install software. A clear majority of these data files are benign and pose no threat for you, nevertheless they do take up space on your computer so permit CCleaner remove them. CCleaner will not delete documents and photos from the desktop computer of the typical document folders. Click this link: for details.

CCleaner will work on Windows; IOS (Apple) and Android phones

Once you open CCleaner, you will immediately see an ‘Analyse’ button which when pressed, CCleaner will calculate how much space can be retrieved from deleting temporary platform files. When you are happy, press the’Run Cleaner’ button and all will probably soon be removed out of your own system. Be aware - when you have an online browser such as ie or Chrome open up while you run the CCleaner tool, you will undoubtedly soon probably be asked to shut the internet browser to allow the documents to be eliminated.


Beneath the ‘Tools’ button, you’ll discover Some Rather useful tools that you may, Based on Your technical knowledge or confidence.

Uninstall - Click on Uninstall and also CCleaner will show you all the different programs that have been installed onto the machine and when that was installed. Some of the common names that you may Want to Try to Find and eliminate contain:


In case you do stumble across a program name that you just would like to eliminate, then click the program name and select the ‘Uninstall’ button on top right of this CCleaner screen.


Startup - This really is a great feature, however you will need to understand what exactly it is you are doing before pressing any buttons here. Startup, as the name suggests, will record all of the software that will start whenever your computer starts; internet browser and planned Tasks. It is very likely that if you simply just click on the Windows tab you may see a substantial list of names of software that starts each moment your Windows computer starts. You can disable software from choosing it and pressing the ‘Disable’ button. We aren’t going to be advising that you simply should or shouldn’t disable as each computer is very different.

When you just click on on the ‘Scheduled Tasks’ in Startup, that is the location where you will get a excellent experience as to whether if your computer is running malicious software. The individuals or organisations that generate malicious software use your computer to schedule the disorder to run at certain instances, and CCleaner may assist you to find this. Again we cannot advise you what to disable as each computer will probably have distinct tasks running depending upon the PC software you have running. One to keep an eye out for though will likely probably be recorded as merely “At1" although the numerical digit may differ in one; when you yourself have this please backup all of your prized records and pictures then run antivirus.


We strongly imply that you simply do not use the’Registry mend’ tool with the CCleaner for PC if you don’t are extremely competent method user and also you also have a complete backup of your data.

Like most software tools, CCleaner also offers a ‘Pro’ version of this software that comes with a charge. The Guru version will offer you support via the Piriform CCleaner and the software will automatically update itself. The completely absolutely totally free version will inform you when an update is released, however you will need to visit their website and download CCleaner latest version.

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